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We are a company bornt to represent companies from and for the world. 

Our company represents a portfolio of exclusive products and services in the countries where we have a presence.

We offer our portfolio locally WITHOUT increasing a commercial margin to the costs of the manufacturers and service providers, but giving the added value of a personalized, local treatment and in the client’s own language, our company receives no payment for sales but these are made directly to the suppliers, and we can locally handle all customs and logistics procedures for the delivery of your product from the factory to the customer’s facilities or to manage the execution of the service or project locally .

We are constantly looking for companies to represent in the rest of the world, companies that meet a series of strict requirements to represent them for the benefit of our customers.



Provide the opportunity for companies to obtain products and services from the world locally, with personalized attention and in their own language, to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the businesses of the countries where we work.


To help in a tangible and significant way in the success of the businesses of the countries where we work and be recognized as allies in their businesses.

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Robert Hendz

Commercial Real Estate

Naddia Ramirez

International Business Commercial Advisor

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