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Auri Business is a company dedicated to the commercialization and representation of brands recognized worldwide. We introduce new and established brands to our country, in order to generate a new market niche for our customers since we have a high range of consumers in Peru. We are committed to projects to renew our product offer and innovation, as well as generate logistic solutions for comfort and safety as well as for our customers and our consumers; working with highly trained professionals and committed to their work.


Auri Business offers you administrative, operational and commercial support, with trained personnel and key tools that will help you maximize and expand your business. Our Service allows you to start operating quickly, at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own offices and hiring personnel with exclusive dedication, all for a small commission.

Thanks to our strategic location in Lima, it allows us to move in an easier way to facilitate business not only in Perú but also in Latin America

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Auri Business


Our Services.


  • Location of potential buyers of their products in corporate sectors.
  • Commercial Management and administration of sales personnel on behalf of the contracting brand.
  • Custom Business Appointments.
  • Commercial Management of behalf of the contracting company, as Commercial Manager  of the brand.
  • Search for potential customers for brand develpment in Perú and Latin America 
  • Facilitations of Import/Export Processes of its products through our logistics channels


Generate more opportunities for growth and expansion of foreign companies to our country, creating logistics solutions in terms of price, quality and time. In this way we make our clients reduce costs in capitalizing their company in our country, and thus be your face in Peru.


Become a recognized company in the commercial environment as the first option to internationalize your company and in turn national companies that want to internationalize.

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